Biolustré Daily Treatment Shampoo and Daily Conditioning Sealant together protect your hair from the daily damage of free radicals, pollution and heat styling. Use in conjunction with our Intense Repair Kit, to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. As featured in US Weekly Magazine!


Intense Repair Kit. Repair your hair that is damaged from chemical treatments and heat styling. Restore your hair back to a virgin state in JUST ONE APPLICATION! Named best hair reconstructor by the London Times!


Release Cleansing Shampoo is an extra strength, yet extra gentle cleanser that removes buildup. With a built in moisturizer, Release is a superior cleanser that helps to prepare your hair for the Revive Repair Treatment.


Renew Conditioning Sealant is an amazing low PH conditioner. Renew is specifically designed to be the finishing step for the Revive Repair Kit. Renew moisturizes, conditions, and seals in the health of your newly repaired hair.


Restore Maintenance Treatment is a shampoo replacement that does so much more. With the active ingredients from Revive Repair Treatment, along with a moisturizer, Restore keeps your hair in incredible condition. Healthy, shiny and guaranteed thicker, Restore Maintenance Treatment delivers! Use with the Revive Repair Kit or by itself.


Revive Repair Treatment is the only product on the market today which actually repairs hair. A safe home version of the salon hit, Revive restores your hair to a virgin state in just one application. Never fear multiple processes again, use Revive.